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An association between air pollution and mortality in six U.S. cities.
It is suggested that fine-particulate air pollution, or a more complex pollution mixture associated with fine particulate matter, contributes to excess mortality in certain U.S. cities. Expand
Epidemiology Standardization Project (American Thoracic Society).
  • B. Ferris
  • Medicine
  • The American review of respiratory disease
  • 29 November 1978
Pulmonary function between 6 and 18 years of age
Race‐, sex‐, and age‐specific regression equations based on height are provided, which permit the evaluation of growth during adolescence with improved accuracy and, more importantly, in comparison with previous observations for the same child. Expand
Effects of inhalable particles on respiratory health of children.
Examination of data from a second cross-sectional assessment of the association of air pollution with chronic respiratory health of children participating in the Six Cities Study of Air Pollution and Health suggests that children with hyperreactive airways may be particularly susceptible to other respiratory symptoms when exposed to these pollutants. Expand
Acute effects of summer air pollution on respiratory symptom reporting in children.
There was no evidence that other measures of particulate pollution including aerosol acidity were preferable to PM10 in predicting incidence of respiratory symptoms, and significant associations were found between incidence of coughing symptoms and incidence of lower respiratory symptoms and PM10. Expand
Measurements of flow resistance of various components of the respiratory system were measured in adult male subjects in the sitting position to find the largest single component being Nasal resistance. Expand
Home dampness and respiratory morbidity in children.
It is concluded that dampness in the home is common in many areas of the United States and that home dampness is a strong predictor of symptoms of respiratory and other illness symptoms among 8- to 12-yr-old children. Expand
Long-term measurements of respirable sulfates and particles inside and outside homes
The results of extensive indoor and outdoor monitoring for respirable size particles and the sulfate fraction of these particles are reported. These air pollution measurements were obtained inExpand
Cumulative and reversible effects of lifetime smoking on simple tests of lung function in adults.
How much lung function is irreversibly lost by smoking is estimated, how much could be regained with cessation of smoking, and the future loss of lung function in both cases are predicted. Expand
Distribution of forced vital capacity and forced expiratory volume in one second in children 6 to 11 years of age.
Sex- and race-specific lung function development is described for this sample of preadolescent children, and regression analysis showed that height, race, and sex are the most important predictors of lung function. Expand