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Volatile emission and essential oil composition of Sambucus nigra L. organs during different developmental stages
Abstract Volatile organic compounds (VOC) and essential oils (EO) extracted from different organs of Sambucus nigra (leaves, flower buds, flowers, unripe and ripe fruits), were evaluated in this
Phytonutritional Content and Aroma Profile Changes During Postharvest Storage of Edible Flowers
T. lemmonii was the most interesting species with the longest shelf-life due to its phytonutritional and aromatic constituents and for the first time, the volatile compounds have been identified in the four species.
Crop Yield and Essential Oil Composition of Two Thymus vulgaris Chemotypes along Three Years of Organic Cultivation in a Hilly Area of Central Italy
It is highlighted that T. vulgaris can be successfully organically grown in the hilly lands of Tuscany, with interesting biomass and essential oil yields, even though the plants were in the initial years of crop establishment.
Volatile Composition and Biological Activity of Jordanian Commercial Samples of R. coriaria L. Fruits
The analyses show an important variability among the Sumac samples probably due to the origin, cultivation, harvesting period, drying, and conservation of the plant material.