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Light-driven monodirectional molecular rotor
Attempts to fabricate mechanical devices on the molecular level have yielded analogues of rotors, gears, switches, shuttles, turnstiles and ratchets. Molecular motors, however, have not yet beenExpand
Rheology and thermotropic properties of bis-urea-based organogels in various primary alcohols
The thermotropic and viscoelastic properties and the structure of thermoreversible organogels composed of enantiomerically pure trans-1,2-bis(3-dodecylureido)cyclohexane (1) and primary alcohols,Expand
Rate Acceleration of Light‐Driven Rotary Molecular Motors
One of the key challenges in taking light-driven unidirectional rotary motors from discovery to application is to increase the rate of rotation. Herein, we review our ongoing efforts to address thisExpand
Photopharmacology: Beyond Proof of Principle
Pharmacotherapy is often severely hindered by issues related to poor drug selectivity, including side-effects, environmental toxicity and the emergence of resistance. Lack of selectivity is caused byExpand
An optical and theoretical investigation of the ultrafast dynamics of a bisthienylethene-based photochromic switch
The switching behavior of 1,2-bis(5-phenyl-2-methylthien-3-yl)cyclopentene is studied by means of polarization selective nonlinear optical spectroscopy and time-dependent density functional theory.Expand