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Selective transport systems mediate sequestration of plant glucosides in leaf beetles: a molecular basis for adaptation and evolution.
An evolutionary scenario in which, after a host-plant change, the transport system of the leaf beetles may play a pivotal role in the adaptation on new hosts by selecting plant-derived glucosides that can be channeled to the defensive system is confirmed. Expand
M13 bacteriophage coat proteins engineered for improved phage display.
This chapter describes a method for increasing levels of protein fusions displayed on the surfaces of M13 bacteriophage particles. By introducing mutations into the anchoring M13 coat protein,Expand
Phaedon cochleariae and Gastrophysa viridula (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) produce defensive iridoid monoterpenes de novo and are able to sequester glycosidically bound terpenoid precursors
The data clearly support the existence of a highly selective transport system which enables the larvae to utilize plant derived terpenoid precursors in addition to their own de novo biosynthesis of iridoids. Expand
Sequestration of Plant-Derived Phenolglucosides by Larvae of the Leaf Beetle Chrysomela lapponica: Thioglucosides as Mechanistic Probes
It is demonstrated that the larvae of C. lapponica are able to sequester a broad range of structurally different thioglucosides with comparable efficiency, which sharply contrasts with the sequestration habitus previously observed in Chrysomela populi and Phratora vitellinae. Expand
Convenient methods for the synthesis of P1-farnesyl-P2-indicator diphosphates.
  • B. Feld, G. A. Weiss
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters
  • 15 March 2006
The procedures reported here provide more flexible conditions than the conventional imidazolide and morpholidate coupling methods and provide access to novel reagents for analysis of diphosphate-based enzymatic reactions. Expand
Computational design and selections for an engineered, thermostable terpene synthase
The computational design, selections, and assays of a thermostable mutant of tobacco 5‐epi‐aristolochene synthase (TEAS) for the catalysis of carbocation cyclization reactions at elevated temperatures are reported. Expand
Iridoid biosynthesis in staphylinid rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Philonthinae).
A detailed account of iridoid biosynthesis in rove beetles is constructed, which resembles the biosynthetic route in leaf beetle larvae, but exhibits distinct stereochemical differences. Expand