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Delamination threshold load for dynamic impact on plates
A criterion is derived for delamination onset in transversely isotropic laminated plates under small mass, high velocity impact. The resulting delamination threshold load is about 21% higher than theExpand
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Predicting low velocity impact damage and Compression-After-Impact (CAI) behaviour of composite laminates
Low-velocity impact damage can drastically reduce the residual strength of a composite structure even when the damage is barely visible. The ability to computationally predict the extent of damageExpand
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Structural testing and numerical simulation of a 34 m composite wind turbine blade
A full-scale 34 m composite wind turbine blade was tested to failure under flap-wise loading. Local displacement measurement equipment was developed and displacements were recorded throughout theExpand
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A progressive failure model for composite laminates subjected to low velocity impact damage
This paper presents a 3-D failure model for predicting the dynamic material response of composite laminates under impact loading. The formulation is based on the Continuum Damage Mechanics (CDM)Expand
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An investigation of Mode I and Mode II fracture toughness enhancement using aligned carbon nanotubes forests at the crack interface
Abstract A novel approach for introducing aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in a carbon–fibre composite pre-impregnated (prepreg) laminate, to improve the through-thickness fractureExpand
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Postbuckling behaviour of a blade-stiffened composite panel loaded in uniaxial compression
Abstract The postbuckling behaviour of a panel with blade-stiffeners incorporating tapered flanges was experimentally investigated. A new failure mechanism was identified for this particular type ofExpand
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A 3-D micromechanical model for predicting the elastic behaviour of woven laminates
Abstract This paper presents an analytical model for the prediction of the elastic behaviour of plain-weave fabric composites. The fabric is a hybrid plain-weave with different materials andExpand
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Predicting low-velocity impact damage on a stiffened composite panel
Abstract An intralaminar damage model, based on a continuum damage mechanics approach, is presented to model the damage mechanisms occurring in carbon fibre composite structures incorporating fibreExpand
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Numerical analysis of intralaminar failure mechanisms in composite structures, Part I: FE implementation
This paper presents a three-dimensional continuum damage mechanics-based material model which was implemented in an implicit finite element code to simulate the progressive intralaminar degradationExpand
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An Introduction to Modelling Buckling and Collapse
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