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The Story Of Earth And Life: A Southern African Perspective on a 4.6-Billion-Year Journey (review)
  • B. Fagan
  • Geography
  • African Studies Review
  • 1 December 2007
Earth and Life is an unusual textbook in several respects. The coverage includes not only geology but also prehistory, the text includes contributions from no fewer than eighteen scholars, and theExpand
ANCIENT NORTH AMERICA. The Archaeology of a Continent.
The entire course of native American history is traced in this book, from the first appearance of humans in the New World, more than 14,000 years ago, to the cataclysmic aftermath of EuropeanExpand
Studies on in vitro Growth and Pathogenicity of European Fusarium Fungi
F. graminearum and F. culmorum were the most pathogenic of the five species, causing at least a 69% reduction in coleoptile growth at 10, 15, 20 and 25 °C, and general linear model analysis showed that species accounted for 51.3–63.4% of the variation in isolate growth. Expand
A Prehistory of the North: Human Settlement of the Higher Latitudes
For the first time in recent years, we have a synthesis of the latest thinking and discoveries by a younger scholar with an authoritative grasp of the subject. This book is an important contributionExpand
The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization
The Earth's climate has always been in flux: glacial periods and warm ones have slowly and relentlessly alternated for millennia. But the period of global warming of the last 15,000 years is withoutExpand
The journey from Eden : the peopling of our world
When and where did modern humans come from? And how, against all odds of the Ice Age world, did they succeed in colonizing the globe? The Journey from Eden is the first book for a general audience toExpand
The Great Journey: The Peopling of Ancient America
How, where, when, and why did human beings take the first steps in their journey to populate North America? First published in 1987, The Great Journey tells the story of Brian Fagan's search for theExpand
Before California: An Archaeologist Looks at Our Earliest Inhabitants
Part 1 The Archaeologist's Tale Chapter 2 A Stream of Time (Before 12,000 BC to AD 1542) Part 3 Beginnings (Before 11,200 to c. 2,500 BC) Chapter 4 First Footprints (Before 11,200 BC to c. 9,000 BC)Expand