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Onset of flowering and climate variability in an alpine landscape: a 10-year study from Swedish Lapland.
Long-term studies on phenology are rarely reported from arctic and alpine areas, but are essential for understanding biotic and abiotic controls on flowering. We monitored first flowering day (FFD)Expand
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Colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal and fine endophytic fungi in herbaceous vegetation in the Canadian High Arctic
The occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi was surveyed along a latitudinal gradient in Arctic Canada including Banks Island (73degreesN), Devon Island (74degreesN), Ellesmere IslandExpand
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Allopolyploidy in Fragariinae (Rosaceae): comparing four DNA sequence regions, with comments on classification.
Potential events of allopolyploidy may be indicated by incongruences between separate phylogenies based on plastid and nuclear gene sequences. We sequenced two plastid regions and two nuclearExpand
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Molecular data and ploidal levels indicate several putative allopolyploidization events in the genus Potentilla (Rosaceae)
Several naturally occurring hybrids in Potentilla (Rosaceae) have been reported, but no molecular evidence has so far been available to test these hypotheses of hybridization. We have compared aExpand
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Past Climate Change and Plant Evolution in Western North America: A Case Study in Rosaceae
Species in the ivesioid clade of Potentilla (Rosaceae) are endemic to western North America, an area that underwent widespread aridification during the global temperature decrease following theExpand
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Predispersal seed predation in Bartsia alpina
SummaryA northern Swedish population of Bartsia alpina, an arctic-alpine perennial herb, was found to suffer high levels of predispersal seed predation by larvae of two insect species, bothExpand
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Floral anatomy and morphology in thePolygalaceae
  • B. Eriksen
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  • Plant Systematics and Evolution
  • 1 March 1993
Floral morphology and anatomy of 15 genera in thePolygalaceae have been studied. The pentamerous origin of the polygalaceous flower is confirmed and shown to apply to all genera in the family. TheExpand
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Reproductive strategies in two arctic Pedicularis species (Scrophulariaceae)
A study of a number of reproductive traits in two sympatric species of Pedicularis in northern Swedish Lapland, the subarctic-alpine P lapponica and the artic P hursuta, revealed that theExpand
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Hybridization and Gene Flow Between Distantly Related Species of Rubus (Rosaceae): Evidence from Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Internal Transcribed Spacer Region Sequences
Abstract Hybridization has long been considered a source of taxonomic complexity in Rubus. This study uses molecular data to examine natural hybridization between R. caesius, a facultativelyExpand
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