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Bacteria in the Bottom Sediments of the Dead Sea
IN order to investigate the presence of different physiological groups of bacteria in the different layers of the bottom sediments of the Dead Sea1,2,3, it was essential to obtain profiles of mudExpand
A Dimastigamœba in the Bed of the Dead Sea
PROFILES of mud samples taken from different places and depth in the Dead Sea were inoculated into enrichment cultures prepared in Detmer media, 1: 2, containing different salt concentrations: 0, ½,Expand
On pseudomonas indigofera (Voges) Migula and its pigment
An investigation on the micro-organisms present in the Dead Sea (14) led to the isolation of a bacterium which attracted attention by the production of a peculiar bluish-brown pigment on aExpand
A Ciliate from the Dead Sea
A PIECE of flint-stone, 7 × 7 × 5 cm., was taken by Dr. T. Rayss on August 24, 1940, from the bottom of the Dead Sea near Kalliah from a depth of c. 150 cm. of water and handed to me. On the stone,Expand
Algæ in the Bed of the Dead Sea
THE presence of living micro-organisms-algæ and bacteria—in Dead Sea water was demonstrated by me some time ago.1 It seemed, therefore, probable that life was also abundant in the sediment bed of theExpand
Occasional Whiteness of the Dead Sea
ON the morning of August 25, 1943, it was observed that the whole Dead Sea, which at this season is always perfectly clear, had become milky white. The same observation was made on the same morningExpand