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Cinderella Goes to Market: Citizenship, Gender, and Women's Movements in East Central Europe
With the collapse of state socialism, women in Eastern and Central Europe are now faced with more than the double burden of paid and domestic labor. Soaring unemployment is driving women out of theExpand
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Gender and Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe
In the immediate aftermath of the fall of state socialism in Eastern and Central Europe, many western observers eagerly awaited the justification of the liberal democratic/capitalist model in theExpand
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Gender and Citizenship in the Context of Democratisation and Economic Transformation in East Central Europe
This chapter explores the theoretical justification for applying the concept of citizenship to an examination of the democratisation process in East Central Europe since 1989 and specifically to anExpand
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Citizenship in an Enlarging Europe: From Dream to Awakening
Citizenship in an Enlarging Europe considers the impact of economic, political and social transformation in Central and Eastern Europe in the context of EU enlargement. In a lively and engagingExpand
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Where Have All the Women Gone? Women and the Women's Movement in East Central Europe
Where have all the women gone? This may seem a frivolous question: they haven't evaporated after all. But what has evaporated, it seems, along with the euphoria and the optimism, the hopes and dreamsExpand
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Gender(ed) Politics in Central and Eastern Europe1
This article examines the role of mainstream political participation in the quest for gender equitable citizenship as a measure of the attainment of democracy. Citizenship stands here as theExpand
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Citizenship in an Enlarging Europe
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Gender, nation, landscape and identity in narratives of exile and return
This article is concerned with issues of nation, landscape, and identity in narratives of exile and return. It is based on the oral testimonies and written narratives of German Jewish Marxist womenExpand
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Women and Market Societies explores the problems and possibilities for women which arise from the transition to a market economy in East Asia, the dismantling of state socialism in Eastern Europe andExpand
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