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Subsurface water and clay mineral formation during the early history of Mars
Clay minerals, recently discovered to be widespread in Mars’s Noachian terrains, indicate long-duration interaction between water and rock over 3.7 billion years ago. Analysis of how they formedExpand
Identification of hydrated silicate minerals on Mars using MRO‐CRISM: Geologic context near Nili Fossae and implications for aqueous alteration
The Noachian terrain west of the Isidis basin hosts a diverse collection of alteration minerals in rocks comprising varied geomorphic units within a 100,000 km2 region in and near the Nili Fossae.Expand
A synthesis of Martian aqueous mineralogy after 1 Mars year of observations from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Martian aqueous mineral deposits have been examined and characterized using data acquired during Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's (MRO) primary science phase, including Compact Reconnaissance ImagingExpand
Mineralogy of the Martian Surface
The past fifteen years of orbital infrared spectroscopy and in situ exploration have led to a new understanding of the composition and history of Mars. Globally, Mars has a basaltic upper crustExpand
Revised CRISM spectral parameters and summary products based on the currently detected mineral diversity on Mars
The investigation of hyperspectral data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) and the Observatoire pour la Mineralogie, L'Eau, les GlacesExpand
A Habitable Fluvio-Lacustrine Environment at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars
The Curiosity rover discovered fine-grained sedimentary rocks, which are inferred to represent an ancient lake and preserve evidence of an environment that would have been suited to support a martianExpand
Orbital Identification of Carbonate-Bearing Rocks on Mars
Geochemical models for Mars predict carbonate formation during aqueous alteration. Carbonate-bearing rocks had not previously been detected on Mars' surface, but Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mappingExpand
Mineralogy of a Mudstone at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars
Sedimentary rocks at Yellowknife Bay (Gale crater) on Mars include mudstone sampled by the Curiosity rover. The samples, John Klein and Cumberland, contain detrital basaltic minerals, calciumExpand
Clay minerals in delta deposits and organic preservation potential on Mars
Clay-rich sedimentary deposits are often sites of organic matter preservation and have therefore been sought in Mars exploration. However, regional deposits of hydrous minerals, includingExpand
Compositional stratigraphy of clay‐bearing layered deposits at Mawrth Vallis, Mars
Phyllosilicates have previously been detected in layered outcrops in and around the Martian outflow channel Mawrth Vallis. CRISM spectra of these outcrops exhibit features diagnostic of kaolinite,Expand