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Surprises from Mathematics Education Research: Student (Mis)use of Mathematical Definitions
1. INTRODUCTION. The authors of this paper met at a summer institute sponsored by the Oregon Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of Teachers (OCEPT). Edwards is a researcher inExpand
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The Role of Mathematical Definitions in Mathematics and in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses
Introduction One of the earliest subjects of undergraduate mathematics education research was students' difficulties in writing formal mathematical proofs. Some research focused on the heuristicsExpand
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Prayer as therapy. A challenge to both religious belief and professional ethics. The Anglican Working Group in Bioethics.
Scientists seeking hard evidence of prayer's curative powers misunderstand the nature of prayer in the Western theistic traditions. Yet theistically consonant ways in which religious belief mayExpand
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The Teacher's Discourse Moves: A Framework for Analyzing Discourse in Mathematics Classrooms.
In this paper a framework is proposed for analyzing the deliberate actions taken by a teacher to participate in or influence the discourse in mathematics classrooms, and such actions are referred toExpand
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Advanced Mathematical Thinking
In this article we propose the following definition for advanced mathematical thinking: Thinking that requires deductive and rigorous reasoning about mathematical notions that are not entirelyExpand
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Factors that influence teachers learning to do interviews to understand students' mathematical understandings
Understanding students' understanding of mathematical ideas can inform mathematics teaching, and task-based interviews are one way in which teachers can learn more about their students'Expand
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Financing Vaccination of Children and Adolescents: National Vaccine Advisory Committee Recommendations
Increases in the number and cost of vaccines routinely recommended for children and adolescents have raised concerns about the ability of the current systems for vaccine financing and delivery toExpand
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Assessment of adherence to atovaquone-proguanil prophylaxis in travelers.
BACKGROUND Malaria continues to be a serious, world-wide infection. Atovaquone-proguanil is one of the prophylactic agents recommended for travelers to endemic regions. However, little information isExpand
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Prayer as Therapy
A Challenge to Both Religious Belief and Professional Ethics Suddenly, praying for the sick has become a topic of compelling interest. It has created a splash in newspapers, magazines, and medicalExpand
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