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Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Conceptualization and Framework for Analysis
This special issue demonstrates the importance of interactions in transnational business governance. The number of schemes applying non-state authority to govern business conduct across borders hasExpand
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Legitimating Transnational Standard-Setting: The Case of the International Accounting Standards Board
The increasing use of transnational standard-setting bodies to address quality uncertainties and coordination issues across the global economy raises questions about how these bodies establish andExpand
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New Governance in the European Union: A Theoretical Perspective
New modes of governance based on voluntary performance standards, rather than compulsory regulation, have gained salience in the European Union (EU). Can these new modes of governance offer aExpand
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Escaping the International Governance Dilemma? Incorporated Transgovernmental Networks in the European Union
This article investigates the role of transgovernmental networks of national regulators in addressing collective action problems endemic to international cooperation. In contrast to recent work onExpand
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The Shadow of Hierarchy and New Modes of Governance
This special issue about sectoral governance in the shadow of hierarchy focuses on two sets of questions. Firstly, do new modes of sectoral governance in themselves contribute to the efficacy ofExpand
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The Europeanization of regional policies: patterns of multi-level governance
The rise and integration of the regional level in the European Union (EU) multi-level system threatens to overload policy-making owing to a rising number of actors, levels and different institutionalExpand
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The Making of the European Energy Market: The Interplay of Governance and Government
  • B. Eberlein
  • Economics
  • Journal of Public Policy
  • 1 April 2008
ABSTRACT This case study asks whether delegated, sectoral governance by private actors and arm’s-length agencies enhances policy efficacy or does sectoral governance require a shadow of hierarchyExpand
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Theorising the New Modes of European Union Governance
Recently, 'new modes of governance' based on voluntary performance standards, rather than compulsory regulation, have gained salience in European Union governance. Can these 'new modes of governance'Expand
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Mechanisms of Conflict Management in EU Regulatory Policy
In this conceptual article we explore mechanisms of conflict management in European Union (EU) regulatory policy-making. We build on J.G. March’s distinction between aggregation and transformation asExpand
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