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Petrogenesis of Apatite-Rich Rocks (Nelsonites and Oxide-Apatite Gabbronorites) Associated with Massif Anorthosites
We report field, petrographic, mineralogical, and geochemical data for two P-rich rock types of the anorthosite suite—Fe-Ti oxide-apatite rock (or nelsonite) and Fe-Ti oxide-apatite gabbronorite (orExpand
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Fe-Ti-P-rich rocks and massif anorthosite; problems of interpretation illustrated from the Labrieville and St-Urbain plutons, Quebec
Rocks containing h.igh concentrations of iron, titanium and phosphorus, known by a variety of names such as jotunite, ferrodiorite, monzonorite, etc., are associated spatially and tenaporally withExpand
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Geochronology of the Mesoproterozoic State Farm gneiss and associated Neoproterozoic granitoids, Goochland terrane, Virginia
The Goochland terrane is an isolated block of Mesoproterozoic crust in the Piedmont Province of central Virginia. We report U-Pb zircon dates and whole-rock major and trace element data for the StateExpand
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Petrogenesis of the Labrieville Alkalic Anorthosite Massif, Grenville Province, Quebec
The Labrieville massif (>1010 Ma) is an eroded dome consisting mineral—plagioclase feldspar. The circumstances whereby such nearly monomineralic plutons can be produced of three zones: (1) a foliatedExpand
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Age and radiogenic isotopic composition of a late- to post-tectonic anorthosite in the Grenville Province: the Labrieville massif, Quebec
Abstract The Labrieville anorthosite massif (LBV) is found in the Central Granulite Terrain of the Grenville Structural Province, but it displays no evidence of post-emplacement deformation orExpand
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Comparative petrology of Archaean anorthosites in amphibolite and granulite facies terranes, SW Greenland
Abstract We report new field and petrographic observations, and mineral-chemical data, on the amphibolite-facies Buksefjorden and granulite-facies Nordland anorthosites, which occur in differentExpand
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Jotunites from the Grenville Province, Quebec: petrological characteristics and implications for massif anorthosite petrogenesis
Abstract We report new results on the geology, mineralogy and chemical compositions of jotunites (mainly pyroxene-monzodiorites) from the Morin, St. Urbain and Labrieville anorthosite complexes, allExpand
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Kyanite Quartzites in the Piedmont Province of Virginia: Evidence for a Possible High-Sulfidation System
The world’s largest kyanite mine is hosted within kyanite quartzite at Willis Mountain in the Piedmont Province of Virginia, and numerous smaller bodies occur throughout this region. Most occur inExpand
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