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Citrate vs. heparin for anticoagulation in continuous venovenous hemofiltration: a prospective randomized study
Regional citrate anticoagulation seems superior to heparin for the filter lifetime and transfusion requirements in ICU patients treated by continuous renal replacement therapy.
Outcome of the living kidney donor.
The consequences of kidney donation on the living donor health are reviewed, considering very shortterm (linked to the surgery), short term (effect of nephrectomy on glomerular filtration rate) and long term (risk of mortality, chronic kidney disease, proteinuria and hypertension) consequences of kidneys donation.
Fracture and bone mineral density in hemodialysis patients.
It was found that there was no influence of gender, age, parathormone status and primary renal disease on BMD, however, at FN, UD, MID and 1/3 radius, a significantly negative correlation was found between length of dialysis and BMD Z-score.
Detection of decreased glomerular filtration rate in intensive care units: serum cystatin C versus serum creatinine
It is concluded that ScysC significantly outperfoms SCr for the detection of an impaired GFR in critically ill patients.
Large-pore membrane hemofiltration increases cytokine clearance and improves right ventricular-vascular coupling during endotoxic shock in pigs.
In this model of porcine endotoxic shock, large-pore membrane hemofiltration (LPHF) was responsible for a significant clearance of IL-6 and Il-10, and for an improvement in RV-vascular coupling, which was explained in part by the small size of the membrane pores.
Anorexia nervosa and the kidney.
Kidney diseases and kidney-associated conditions that occur in individuals with anorexia nervosa are discussed, summarizing many of the challenges in treating patients with this disease.
Nutrition disorders during acute renal failure and renal replacement therapy.
The physiological and biological modifications related to acute renal failure in critically ill patients, including the current use of continuous renal replacement therapies, have dramatically
Confirmation of High Cytokine Clearance by Hemofiltration with a Cellulose Triacetate Membrane with Large Pores: An in vivo Study
The high cytokine clearance observed when hemofiltration is applied to a large pore membrane is confirmed in this animal model of endotoxinic shock and the loss of albumin seems negligible.
MRI preclinical detection and asymptomatic course of a progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy (PML) under natalizumab therapy
This case suggests that periodic brain MR scans may detect signs of presymptomatic PML in MS patients treated with natalizumab, and corticosteroid management of inflammatory reaction may contribute to optimal control of the immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome routinely seen withnatalizuab-associated PML.
Impact of stopping vitamin K antagonist therapy on concentrations of dephospho-uncarboxylated Matrix Gla protein
The goal of the present study was to confirm the influence of VKA on dp-ucMGP levels and study the kinetic of these potential changes in MGP concentrations in patients directly after switching from VKA to fondaparinux.