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Shock-shells in Coulomb explosion of nano-clusters
Coulomb explosion of a gas cluster invariably produces shocks of infinite density; a pair of shocks forms a shock-shell that eventually encompasses the entire cluster. This first example of nm-sizeExpand
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Atom interferometer as a selective sensor of rotation or gravity
In the presence of Earth gravity and gravity-gradient forces, centrifugal and Coriolis forces caused by the Earth rotation, the phase of the time-domain atom interferometers is calculated withExpand
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Interference of atoms in separated optical fields
We consider the interference of atoms caused by the wave nature of their motion. Coherently interfering beams of particles may be obtained by using the diffraction of atoms from separated standingExpand
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Magnetic-grating free-induction decay and magnetic-grating echo using ultrafast excitation pulses
The interaction of atoms with ultrafast, counterpropagating optical fields is considered. The magnetic degeneracy and hyperfine splitting of the atomic levels are included in the calculations, whichExpand
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Non-linear ramsey resonance in the optical region
The interaction of gas particles with three separated light fields has been considered. It has been shown that a resonance with the width equal to the reciprocal transit time appears in such aExpand
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The resonance of two-photon absorption in separated optical fields
A beam of molecules interacting with two space-separated light standing waves of light is considered. It is shown that a resonance of two-photon absorption is predicted. The width of the resonance isExpand
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Time-Domain de Broglie Wave Interferometry
We report the development of an atom interferometer that uses optical standing waves as phase gratings and operates in the time domain. The observed signal is entirely caused by the wave nature ofExpand
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Atom focusing by far-detuned and resonant standing wave fields: Thin-lens regime
The focusing of atoms after interacting with both far-detuned and resonant standing wave fields in the thin-lens regime is considered. Exact quantum expressions for the Fourier components of theExpand
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λ/8-period optical potentials
A Raman configuration consisting of two pairs of counterpropagating traveling wave fields is shown to lead to optical potentials having λ/8 periodicity. Such optical potentials may be used toExpand
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High-resolution amplitude and phase gratings in atom optics
An atom-field geometry is chosen in which an atomic beam traverses a field interaction zone consisting of three fields, one having frequency $\Omega =c/\lambda $ propagating in the $\hat{z}$Expand
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