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A computational learning model for metrical phonology
Questions such as cross-parameter dependencies, determinism, subsets, and incremental versus all-at-once learning are raised and discussed in the article. Expand
Charting the Learning Path: Cues to Parameter Setting
This article argues for an approach to grammar acquisition that builds on the cue-based parametric model of Dresher and Kaye (1990), in which cues to parameters become progressively more abstract and grammar-internal. Expand
The Contrastive Hierarchy in Phonology
I will show that phonologists have vacillated between two different and incompatible approaches to determining whether a feature is contrastive in any particular phoneme. One approach involvesExpand
The contrastive hierarchy in phonology 1
Since Saussure’s famous statement that “dans la langue il n’y a que des différences” (Saussure [1916] 1972: 166),2 the notion of contrast has been at the heart of linguistic theory. While it isExpand
How does Place fall into place
The Contrastive Hierarchy in Phonology: Contents
Recovering this missing chapter of phonological theory sheds new light on a number of controversies over contrast in phonology. Expand
Contrast in phonology : theory, perception, acquisition
This volume brings together a number of different contemporary approaches to the theory of contrast, including chapters set within more abstract representation-based theories, as well as chapters that focus on functional phonetic theories and perceptual constraints. Expand
Contrast and asymmetries in inventories
One source of asymmetry in phonology derives from the contrastive function of features. I assume that feature specifications are driven by considerations of contrast. In order to distinguish betweenExpand
Contrast and Phonological Activity in Manchu Vowel Systems
In the Manchu languages, contrast plays an important role in the patterning of vowel systems. Contrastive feature values are phonologically active, triggering rules of Advanced Tongue Root (ATR) andExpand