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Time Integration Questionnaire
Summary: The paper presents the Time Integration Questionnaire (TIQ) for the assessment of subjective time experience, constructed in a phenomenologically enriched form, as compared to those reducedExpand
EMDR: Cognitive behavioral method for posttraumatic stress disorder in torture victims
The experience of confinement to prison with exposure to psychophysical torture is the stress of the highest intensity frequently leading (48.3% in our research) to the development of posttraumaticExpand
[Comparative studies of the physical properties of amalgam with and without gamma-2 phase].
[Comparative investigation of physical-metallurgic properties of alloys 1 and 2 (Ag, Pd, Au)].
Disturbed subjective time experience in post-traumatic stress disorder
Abstract Background and objectives Disturbance of subjective time experience in PTSD has not heretofore constituted a subject of focused empirical research, in spite of previous theoretical insightsExpand
Philosophical roots of psychoanalytic ethics
Fundamental notions of psychoanalysis are based on the long tradition of the Western philosophical thought. In parallel with the growing doubt over rationality of the global order, philosophicalExpand