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Dust Grain-Size Distributions and Extinction in the Milky Way, Large Magellanic Cloud, and Small Magellanic Cloud
We construct size distributions for carbonaceous and silicate grain populations in different regions of the Milky Way, LMC, and SMC. The size distributions include sufficient very small carbonaceousExpand
▪ Abstract This review surveys the observed properties of interstellar dust grains: the wavelength-dependent extinction of starlight, including absorption features, from UV to infrared; opticalExpand
Infrared Emission from Interstellar Dust. IV. The Silicate-Graphite-PAH Model in the Post-Spitzer Era
IR emission spectra are calculated for dust heated by starlight, for mixtures of amorphous silicate and graphitic grains, including varying amounts of PAH particles. The models are constrained toExpand
Photoelectric heating of interstellar gas
Photoelectric emission from interstellar grains is reexamined, and it is argued that some of the assumptions made by other authors lead to an overestimate of the heating rate associated with thisExpand
Infrared Emission from Interstellar Dust. II. The Diffuse Interstellar Medium
We present a quantitative model for the infrared emission from dust in the diffuse interstellar medium. The model consists of a mixture of amorphous silicate grains and carbonaceous grains, each withExpand
Physics of the Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium
This is a comprehensive and richly illustrated textbook on the astrophysics of the interstellar and intergalactic medium--the gas and dust, as well as the electromagnetic radiation, cosmic rays, andExpand
The mid-infrared spectrum of star-forming galaxies: Global properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission
We present a sample of low-resolution 5-38 μm Spitzer IRS spectra of the inner few square kiloparsecs of 59 nearby galaxies spanning a large range of star formation properties. A robust method forExpand
Spectroscopic constraints on the properties of dust in active galactic nuclei
The optical properties of graphite, silicate, and SiC grains over the wavelength range 1000 microns - 1 A are calculated for grains in the 0.005-10-micron size range. Both graphite + silicate (MRN)Expand
The Calibration of Mid-Infrared Star Formation Rate Indicators
With the goal of investigating the degree to which the MIR emission traces the SFR, we analyze Spitzer 8 and 24 μm data of star-forming regions in a sample of 33 nearby galaxies with available HSTExpand