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Mycale (Aegogropila) magellanica (Porifera: Demospongiae) in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean: endobiotic fauna and new distributional information
This study suggests that M. (A.) magellanica enhances benthic biodiversity, as it shelters a variety of invertebrate species in areas of soft and flat substrate, and usually acts as an ecosystem engineer, structuring the architecture of the habitat by increasing the sea-bottom complexity.
Namuncurá Marine Protected Area: an oceanic hot spot of benthic biodiversity at Burdwood Bank, Argentina
This contribution represents the most recent and complete checklist of benthic organisms (mainly mega and macrofauna) that summarized 240 taxa collected at three sites in the mentioned area and largely exceeds the values coming from other productive areas in Argentinean waters.
The genera Carpias Richardson, Ianiropsis Sars and Janaira Moreira & Pires (Isopoda: Asellota: Janiridae) from Australia, with description of three new species
Three new species of janirid isopods are described: Carpias montaguensis sp. nov., Ianiropsis alanmillari sp. nov. and Janaira platyoura sp. nov.; all three were collected in shallow waters of
An inverse latitudinal biodiversity pattern in asellote isopods (Crustacea, Peracarida) from the Southwest Atlantic between 35° and 56°S
In the present study, an inverse latitudinal biodiversity pattern is reported for the asellote isopods from Argentina, and species richness is shown to be about six times higher in the Beagle Channel and southern Patagonia, than north of this latitude.
First record of the exotic isopod Sphaeroma serratum (Crustacea: Isopoda) from Uruguayan waters (southwestern Atlantic)
This research presents a probabilistic assessment of the phytochemical properties of fruit juice and its application as a raw material for human consumption and its applications as well as some of its properties as a feedstock for animals.
Biodiversity of Isopoda and Cumacea (Peracarida, Crustacea) from the Marine Protected Area Namuncurá-Burdwood Bank, South-West Atlantic
The biodiversity of the isopods and cumaceans from Burdwood Bank is typically Magellanic, and there is little correspondence between this fauna and that from the Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc.
The shallow-water Asellota (Crustacea: Isopoda) from the Beagle Channel: Preliminary taxonomic and zoogeographical results*
The shallow-water Asellota from the Beagle Channel were investigated, and a total of 3,124 asellotes were sorted, and three new species and 12 new records of distribution were reported, with the Paramunnidae showing the highest species diversity and abundance.