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Botulinum toxin A in the management of spastic gait disorders in children and young adults with cerebral palsy: a randomized, double-blind study of "high-dose" versus "low-dose" treatment.
The present study was performed to assess dose-response relationships of local botulinum toxin A (BtxA) treatment in children and teenagers with spastic gait due to cerebral palsy (CP) in aExpand
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Osteoblast differentiation in vitro and in vivo promoted by Osterix.
C3H10T1/2/Osx, a stably transfected cell line with Osterix (Osx), was produced and chondrocytic and osteoblastic differentiation were studied in vitro. Osx promoted osteoblastic lineage that wasExpand
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Hemostatic and anesthetic efficacy of 4% articaine HCl with 1:200,000 epinephrine and 4% articaine HCl with 1:100,000 epinephrine when administered intraorally for periodontal surgery.
BACKGROUND The objective of this double-masked, randomized, multicenter crossover study was to compare the efficacy of 4% articaine HCl with 1:100,000 epinephrine (A100) to 4% articaine HCl withExpand
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Overview of Fracture Repair
Migration, adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts, osteoclasts, chondroblasts, fi broblasts and endothelial cells characterize the cellular activitiesExpand
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Longitudinal mixing in pulmonary airways--normal subjects respiring at a constant flow.
We have measured the impulse response of helium and sulfur hexafluoride in the airways of five normal human subjects at a respiratory flow of 400 ml/s. The longitudinal mixing of the inert gases wasExpand
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Sandbagging in Competition: Responding to the Pressure of Being the Favorite
Previous research suggests that high sandbaggers are more likely to sandbag when performance pressure is high. The current research proposed that (a) being favored in competition increasesExpand
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Lower limb muscle activity in ambulatory children with cerebral palsy before and after the treatment with Botulinum toxin A.
Purpose: The study investigated the effect of Botulinum toxin A on the gait and lower limb muscle activity of ambulatory CP children. Methods: 19 spastic diplegic and 4 left hemiparetic CP childrenExpand
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Die spastische Hand
  • B. Doll
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  • 1 May 2003
ZusammenfassungDie postoperative Rehabilitation beginnt mit der präoperativen Evaluation des Patienten. Sie ist entscheidend von der Fähigkeit des Therapeuten (Operateur) abhängig, ein realistisches,Expand
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Developmental Biology of the Skeletal System
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[IgG-IgM cryoglobulinemia with a purpura-arthralgia-nephritis syndrome].
The clinical and laboratory features in 7 patients with essential mixed cryoglobulinemia are presented. The clinical picture was characterized by arthralgia, purpura and glomerulonephritis (3Expand
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