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Friction factors for pipe flow of xanthan-based concentrates of fire fighting foams
In this paper we develop a friction factor correlation to predict the pressure drop during pumping and induction of concentrates of fire fighting foams containing around 1% of xanthan gum. Such
Ab initio procedure for aqueous-phase pKa calculation: the acidity of nitrous acid.
An ab initio procedure for accurately calculating aqueous-phase pKa values is presented and applied to study the acidity of nitrous acid and it is shown that significant improvements in accuracy could be made by moving to the larger 6-311++G(3df,3pd) and aug-cc-pVQZ basis sets.
Effects of wind flow on self-heating characteristics of coal stockpiles
The oxidation process occurring in stockpiles of reactive materials, such as coal, induces a natural convection flow field within the pile. Due to porosity of the stockpile, this flow field is
A Closer Look At The Fire Extinguishing Properties Of Water Mist
Fire suppression with water mist is widely considered to be an alternative to gaseous fire suppression agents. Much commercial activity has occurredin the last 5 years to develop technology for fire
Prediction of pressure losses in pipe flow of aqueous foams
This paper presents a model for predicting pressure losses in foams of various expansions and pressures, in pipes of any given diameter, once the foam behavior has been characterized at a single