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Large-scale magnetic topologies of late M dwarfs⋆
We present here the final results of the first spectropolarimetric survey of a small sample of active M dwarfs, aimed at providing observational constraints on dynamo action on both sides of theExpand
Toroidal versus poloidal magnetic fields in Sun-like stars: a rotation threshold
From a set of stellar spectropolarimetric observations, we report the detection of surface magnetic fields in a sample of four solar-type stars, namely HD 73350, HD 76151, HD 146233 (18 Sco) and HDExpand
Large-scale magnetic topologies of early M dwarfs
We present here additional results of a spectropolarimetric survey of a small sample of stars ranging from spectral type M0 to M8 aimed at investigating observationally how dynamo processes operateExpand
Weak magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars - Evidence for a dipole field lower limit and a tentative interp
Aims. We investigated a sample of 28 well-known spectroscopically-identified magnetic Ap/Bp stars, with weak, poorly-determined or previously undetected magnetic fields. The aim of this study is toExpand
A BCool magnetic snapshot survey of solar-type stars
We present the results of a major high-resolution spectropolarimetric BCool project magnetic survey of 170 solar-type stars. Surface magnetic fields were detected on 67 stars, with 21 classified asExpand
The stable magnetic field of the fully convective star V374 Peg
We report in this paper phase-resolved spectropolarimetric observations of the rapidly rotating fully convective M4 dwarf V374 Peg, on which a strong, mainly axisymmetric, large-scale poloidalExpand
The Magnetic Fields at the Surface of Active Single G-K Giants
We investigate the magnetic field at the surface of 48 red giants selected as promising for detection of Stokes V Zeeman signatures in their spectral lines. We use the spectropolarimeters Narval andExpand
Gravito-inertial waves in a rotating stratified sphere or spherical shell
The properties of gravito-inertial waves propagating in a stably stratified rotating spherical shell or sphere are investigated using the Boussinesq approximation. In the perfect fluid limit, theseExpand
The rapid rotation and complex magnetic field geometry of Vega
Context. The recent discovery of a weak surface magnetic field on the normal intermediate-mass star Vega raises the question of the origin of this magnetism in a class of stars that was notExpand
Long-term magnetic field monitoring of the Sun-like star ξ Bootis A
Aims. We aim to investigate the long-term temporal evolution of the magnetic field of the solar-type star ξ Bootis A, both from direct magnetic field measurements and from the simultaneous estimateExpand