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Biomimetic electrospun nanofibrous structures for tissue engineering.
Biomimetic nanofibrous scaffolds mimicking important features of the native extracellular matrix provide a promising strategy to restore functions or achieve favorable responses for tissueExpand
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Cellulose nanowhiskers extracted from TEMPO-oxidized jute fibers.
Cellulose nanowhiskers is a kind of renewable and biocompatible nanomaterials evoke much interest because of its versatility in various applications. Here, for the first time, a novel controllableExpand
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Ultralight nanofibre-assembled cellular aerogels with superelasticity and multifunctionality.
Three-dimensional nanofibrous aerogels (NFAs) that are both highly compressible and resilient would have broad technological implications for areas ranging from electrical devices and bioengineeringExpand
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A highly sensitive humidity sensor based on a nanofibrous membrane coated quartz crystal microbalance.
A novel humidity sensor was fabricated by electrospinning deposition of nanofibrous polyelectrolyte membranes as sensitive coatings on a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM). The results of sensingExpand
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Electrospun nanomaterials for ultrasensitive sensors
Increasing demands for ever more sensitive sensors for global environmental monitoring, food inspection and medical diagnostics have led to an upsurge of interests in nanostructured materialsExpand
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Preparation and characterization of a nanoscale poly(vinyl alcohol) fiber aggregate produced by an electrospinning method
Nanoscale poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) fiber (100–500 nm) aggregates were prepared with an electrospinning technique. Additionally, a chemical crosslinking method was used to crosslink the nanoscale PVAExpand
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Superamphiphobic nanofibrous membranes for effective filtration of fine particles.
The worldwide demands are rising for an energy-efficient and cost-effective approach that can provide advanced nanofibrous membranes with high filtration performance and superior antifoulingExpand
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Fiber mats of poly(vinyl alcohol)/silica composite via electrospinning
Abstract Fiber mats of organic–inorganic hybrids, poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA)/silica composite thin fibers, in the diameter of 200–400 nm were prepared by electrospinning. The fiber mats wereExpand
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Formation of novel 2D polymer nanowebs via electrospinning
We have found a procedure for generating novel two-dimensional (2D) nanowebs in three-dimensional (3D) fibrous mats by optimization of various processing parameters during electrospinning. TheExpand
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Preparation and characterization of nanoscaled poly(vinyl alcohol) fibers via electrospinning
Nanoscaled PVA fibers were prepared by electrospinning. This paper described the electrospinning process, the processing conditions, fiber morphology, and some potential applications of the PVAExpand
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