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An overview of mobile ad hoc networks: applications and challenges
In the past few years, we have seen a rapid expansion in the field of mobile computing due to the proliferation of inexpensive, widely available wireless devices. However, current devices,Expand
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Worldwide energy needs for ICT: The rise of power-aware networking
As Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming more and more wide-spread and pervasive in our daily life, it is important to get a realistic overview of the worldwide impact of ICT onExpand
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Cloudlets: bringing the cloud to the mobile user
Although mobile devices are gaining more and more capabilities (i.e. CPU power, memory, connectivity, ...), they still fall short to execute complex rich media and data analysis applications.Expand
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i-ADHoRe 3.0—fast and sensitive detection of genomic homology in extremely large data sets
Comparative genomics is a powerful means to gain insight into the evolutionary processes that shape the genomes of related species. As the number of sequenced genomes increases, the development ofExpand
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Throughput and Delay Analysis of Unslotted IEEE 802.15.4
The IEEE 802.15.4 standard is designed as a low power and low data rate protocol offering high reliability. It defines a beaconed and unbeaconed version. In this work, we analyze the maximumExpand
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AIOLOS: Middleware for improving mobile application performance through cyber foraging
As the popularity of smartphones and tablets increases, the mobile platform is becoming a very important target for application developers. Despite recent advances in mobile hardware, most mobileExpand
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Optical Networks for Grid and Cloud Computing Applications
The evolution toward grid and cloud computing as observed for over a decennium illustrates the crucial role played by (optical) networks in supporting today's applications. In this paper, we startExpand
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Adaptive Task Checkpointing and Replication: Toward Efficient Fault-Tolerant Grids
A grid is a distributed computational and storage environment often composed of heterogeneous autonomously managed subsystems. As a result, varying resource availability becomes commonplace, oftenExpand
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Finding locations of flickr resources using language models and similarity search
We present a two-step approach to estimate where a given photo or video was taken, using only the tags that a user has assigned to it. In the first step, a language modeling approach is adopted toExpand
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FAMOUS: A Network Architecture for Delivering Multimedia Services to FAst MOving USers
When today’s commuters in the train or in a car want to access the Internet, they see themselves restricted to simple web surfing or e-mail. Interactive multimedia services, like online gaming orExpand
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