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Karyotypes, chromosome bands and genome size variation in New Zealand endemic gymnosperms
Karyotype studies on 20 taxa of gymnosperms endemic to New Zealand show a wide diversity of chromosome number and form. Fluorochrome banding with DAPI and CMA reveals a depauperate pattern of bandsExpand
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An improved method for preparing the chromosomes of pines and other gymnosperms.
A simple technic is described to produce well spread gymnosperm chromosomes. Root tip meristems are digested with a pectinase:cellulase mixture to produce a cell suspension which then is squashed toExpand
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[ital p]-wave photodetachment in a static electric field
Photodetachment from negative ions initially bound in [ital s] states has been studied in a static electric field. A 10-keV ion beam was sent through a region with fields of up to 1.5 kV/cm appliedExpand
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Gene editing - past, present and future
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Visualizing spin degrees of freedom in atoms and molecules
In this work we show how constructing Wigner functions of heterogeneous quantum systems leads to new capability in the visualization of quantum states of atoms and molecules. This method allows us toExpand
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Modelling the polarimetric variability of hot stars
Many hot stars exhibit stochastic polarimetric variability, thought to arise from clumping low in the wind. Here we investigate the wind properties required to reproduce this variability usingExpand
Photodetachment Resonances in Aluminum