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The Black Man's Burden: Africa and the Curse of the Nation-State
Africa without history the road not taken shadows of neglected ancestors tribalism and the new nationalism the rise of the nation-state the challenge of nationalism the black man's burden pirates inExpand
The Lost Cities of Africa
Introduction: The Rediscovery of Africa - The Peopling of Ancient Africa - The Mystery of Meroe - Kingdoms of Old Sudan - Between the Niger & the Congo - To the Southward - Traders of the IndianExpand
Modern Africa: A Social and Political History
Part 1 Under foreign flags - 1914-1930: the heritage and history - World War I, partition of Africa colonial Africa to 1930, military to civilian rule, economic consequences, export crops and foodExpand
The People of the Cape Verde Islands: Exploitation and Emigration
This study which is translated from the original Portuguese is concerned with migration from the Cape Verde islands. Separate consideration is given to voluntary migration and to forced laborExpand
Old Africa rediscovered
The African Genius
Prologue: A Scattered Wisdom - I Africa's World - II Social Charters - III Structures Of Belief - IV Mechanisms Of Change - V The Deluge & Today - Epilogue: African Destinies
A History of West Africa, 1000-1800
African Slave Trade
Introduction - I Fact & Fable - II The Years Of Trial - III Manner Of The Trade - IV Mani-Congo - V East Coast Fortunes - VI Frontier Of Opportunity - VII Four Centuries: A Summing Up