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The genetic legacy of the Mongols.
We have identified a Y-chromosomal lineage with several unusual features. It was found in 16 populations throughout a large region of Asia, stretching from the Pacific to the Caspian Sea, and wasExpand
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Genetic relationships of Asians and Northern Europeans, revealed by Y-chromosomal DNA analysis.
We have identified a new T-->C transition on the human Y chromosome. C-allele chromosomes have been found only in a subset of the populations from Asia and northern Europe and reach their highestExpand
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Recurrent duplication and deletion polymorphisms on the long arm of the Y chromosome in normal males.
Deletion of the 50f2/C (DYS7C) locus in interval 6 of Yq has previously been reported as a polymorphism in three males. We describe a survey of worldwide populations for further instances of thisExpand
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Y chromosome markers and Trans-Bering Strait dispersals.
Five polymorphisms involving two paternally inherited loci were surveyed in 38 world populations (n = 1,631) to investigate the origins of Native Americans. One of the six Y chromosome combinationExpand
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Efficacy of oral administration of heat-killed probiotics from Mongolian dairy products against influenza infection in mice: alleviation of influenza infection by its immunomodulatory activity
Some probiotics possess immunomodulatory activities and have been used as complementary and alternative medicines. We previously found that 10 lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains isolated fromExpand
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Distribution of the F374 Allele of the SLC45A2 (MATP) Gene and Founder‐Haplotype Analysis
The membrane‐associated transporter protein (MATP) plays an important role in melanin synthesis. The L374F mutation in the SLC45A2 gene encoding MATP has been suggested to be associated with skinExpand
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Identification of novel functional variants of the melanocortin 1 receptor gene originated from Asians
Human melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) is a seven transmembrane G-coupled protein receptor that upregulates the cAMP pathway. Several functional variants of MC1R that show an impaired ability toExpand
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Distribution of Two Asian-Related Coding SNPs in the MC1R and OCA2 Genes
Very little is known about the genes and mechanisms affecting skin lightening in Asian populations. In this study, two coding SNPs, c.G1129A (R163Q) at the MC1R (melanocortin 1 receptor) gene andExpand
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The investigation of probiotic potential of lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional Mongolian dairy products.
The aims of this study were to investigate the diversity of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated from traditional Mongolian dairy products, and to estimate the probiotic potential of the isolatedExpand
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Polymorphism of the Apolipoprotein B Gene and Association with Plasma Lipid and Lipoprotein Levels in the Mongolian Buryat
Allele frequencies at six RFLP sites (Ins/Del, ApaLI, AluI, XbaI, MspI, and EcoRI) of the apolipoprotein B gene (APOB) and the relationship of genotypes with plasma lipid and lipoprotein levels inExpand
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