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Evidence for a hot dust-free inner disk around 51 Oph
We report on the observation of CO bandhead emission around 51 Oph (∆v = 2). A high resolving power (R � 10 000) spectrum was obtained with the infrared spectrometer ISAAC mounted on VL T − ANT U.Expand
Magnetic field measurements and wind-line variability of OB-type stars
Context. The first magnetic fields in O- and B-type stars that do not belong to the Bp-star class, have been discovered. The cyclic UV wind-line variability, which has been observed in a significantExpand
« Calculating Surface Areas and Volumes in Islamic Architecture », in : Jan P. Hogendijk, Abdelhamid I. Sabra, eds., The Enterprise of Science in Islam. New Perspectives. Cambridge MA, MIT Press,
The mathematician and astronomer Ġiyāṯ al-Dīn Jamsīd al-Kāsī from Kāsān, who worked at the observatory of Ulugh Beg in Samarkand until his death in 1429, also wrote a large work on arithmetic calledExpand
A Second Manuscript of the Mumtahan Zīj
An Index of Authors to A Survey of the Scientific Manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library
In 1986, David A. King published an English survey of his Arabic catalogue of the scientific manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library in Cairo, which had appeared in two large volumes in 1981 andExpand