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An Iterative Image Registration Technique with an Application to Stereo Vision
Image registration finds a variety of applications in computer vision. Unfortunately, traditional image registration techniques tend to be costly. We present a new image registration technique thatExpand
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Voice eXtensible Markup Language: VoiceXML
A camera back for processing film units of the self-developing or instant type. The camera back, which preferably is adapted to replace the back of a conventional camera, e.g., a 35 mm camera,Expand
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Generalized image matching by the method of differences
Image matching refers to aligning two similar images related by a transformation such as a translation, rotation, etc. In its general form image matching is a problem of estimating the parametersExpand
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Optical Navigation by the Method of Differences
The method of differences refers to a technique for image matching that uses the intensity gradient of the image to iteratively improve the match between the two images. Used in an iterative schemeExpand
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Voice eXtensible Markup Language
A sailing rig having camber adjustments is disclosed. The rig includes a mast that is sharply cambered adjacent its base and pivoted to a vehicle, and a boom pivoted to the center pivot of the mast.Expand
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Stereo Verification In Aerial Image Analysis
This paper describes a flexible stereo verification system, STEREOSYS, and its application to the analysis of high resolution aerial photography. Stereo verification refers to the verification ofExpand
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Method and device for compressing and expanding multi-bit digital pixel data
PURPOSE: To reduce the number of necessary bits by compressing a subsampled chrominance value into upper 6-digits bits and reducing the compressed data value to a part containing the highest andExpand
Method and apparatus for executing voice commands having dictation as a parameter
In a computer speech recognition system, the present invention provides a method and system for recognizing and executing a voice command that has a dictation portion. Upon receiving a user input,Expand