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The Truth-Conduciveness Problem of Coherentism and a Sellarsian Explanatory Coherence Theory
ABSTRACT According to the truth-conduciveness problem of coherentism, the coherence theory of justification can hardly show that coherentist justification is truth-conducive. This problem isExpand
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Epistemic Principles and Epistemic Circularity
Can we show that our senses are reliable sources of information about the world? To show this, we need to establish that most of our perceptual judgments have been true. But we cannot determine theseExpand
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BonJour’s Way Out of the Sellarsian Dilemma and his Explanatory Account
BonJour claims that he has found a way out of the Sellarsian dilemma. In this paper, I argue for three claims to show that his alleged solution fails. First, there are two requirements for being aExpand
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A novel stator design of synchronous reluctance motor by loss & torque evaluations related to slot numbers using coupled Preisach model & FEM
This paper deals with the stator design solution of a synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) with various slot number by loss & torque evaluations related to the slot open, teeth width using coupledExpand
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Optimum design for premium 250 kW efficiency of traction induction motor using response surface methodology & FEM
This paper deals with the optimum design criteria for the premium efficiency of 250kW traction induction motor, using response surface methodology (RSM) & finite element method (FEM). The focus ofExpand
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Efficiency evaluation of PMASynRM vs. SynRM using coupling FEM & preisach modeling
This paper deal with the efficiency evaluations in a Synchronous reluctance motor(SynRM) Vs. PMASynRM using a coupled transient finite element method(FEM) and preisach modeling, which is presented toExpand
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Optimum design criteria for maximum torque density & minimum current density of a line-start permanent-magnet motor using response surface methodology & finite element method
This paper deals with optimum design criteria for maximum torque density & minimum current density of a single phase line-start permanent-magnet motor (LSPMM) using RSM (Response Surface Methodology)Expand
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A Constructivist Solution to the Problem of Induction
ABSTRACT: Ever since Hume raised the problem of induction, many philosophers have tried to solve this problem; however, there still is no solution that has won wide acceptance among philosophers.Expand
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The knowability paradox and truths dependent on their epistemic status
On the anti-realist notion of truth, truth is not evidence-transcendent. Thus, it seems, the anti-realist should be committed to the claim that all truths are knowable. But Fitch showed that we canExpand
The Moral Law as a Fact of Reason and Correctness Conditions for the Moral Law
In the second Critique, Kant claims that the moral law is given as a fact of reason. In this paper, contra the standard view, I argue that there is a non-dogmatic way of defending this claim. AndExpand
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