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Micellar Transition State in Casein Between pH 5.5 and 5.0
pH-induced changes in casein micelles during direct acidification and bacterial fermentation of reconstituted skim milk at 20°C were monitored by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in combinationExpand
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Acid Milk Gel Formation as Affected by Total Solids Content
Reconstituted skim milk with varying concentrations of total solids was coagulated using glucono-δ-lactone (GDL). Microscopic, turbidimetric and rheological procedures were used to examine mineralExpand
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Identification of Interactions Among Casein Gels Using Dissociating Chemical Agents
To evaluate the nature of the main interactions that are involved in the formation of casein gels made by the acidification or rennet coagulation of milk, we investigated the combined effects ofExpand
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Functions of Added Calcium in Acid Milk Coagulation
Changes in calcium solubilization and rennet reaction rate were investigated after the addition of calcium (6.25 mM) to reconstituted milk. Analysis of soluble and ionic calcium showed thatExpand
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Effect of Treatment by Gaseous Carbon Dioxide on the Colloidal Phase of Skim Milk
Abstract Treatment of milk by injection of CO 2 and depressurizationwas studied for the effect on milk salts andon the buffering properties of skim milk in order to correlate them to mineral balance.Expand
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Temperature Affects Microstructure of Renneted Milk Gel
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and permeability measurements were used to evaluate the effect of coagulation temperature on renneted reconstituted milk gel characteristics (gelation andExpand
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Polysaccharide Effects on Cross‐Flow Microfiltration of Two Red Wines with a Microporous Alumina Membrane
Two red wines, from the same cultivar, differing by polysaccharide content were filtered using cross-flow microfiltration with an alumina membrane, pore size 0.2 μm. Filtration flow rates wereExpand
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Influence of chemical agents on interactions in dairy products: Effect of SDS on casein micelles
Abstract The addition of SDS during skim milk reconstitution is an original approach to study the effect of an ionic amphiphilic molecule on the milk system and particularly on the casein micelleExpand
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Le lait : Coagulation et synérèse
Les phenomenes de coagulation et de synerese ont une grande importance dans l'industrie laitiere du fait des volumes de lait mis en oeuvre et de la diversite des produits qu'ils permettent d'obtenir.Expand
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Study of the fouling of a mineral microfiltration membrane using scanning electron microscopy and physicochemical analyses in the processing of milk
Soluble proteins and Ca and P salts in the fouling deposit on a mineral microfiltration membrane obtained in static conditions were analysed and compared with those found using dynamic filterExpand
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