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Lead and Trace Element Levels in Milk and Blood of Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) from Hyderabad, India
The presence of lead (Pb) in milk and its interaction with trace elements is a serious health concern. Present study is aimed at determining Pb and trace element (Fe, Zn and Mg) levels in milk andExpand
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A drug survey — Precepts and practices
SummaryAn attempt has been made to quantitate drug consumption in a conurbation. The prescribing habits of physicians, self medication rate and therapeutic classes of drugs purchased have beenExpand
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Many medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in Indian system of medicine and in other ancient systems of the world. Medicinal plants are significant source ofExpand
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Lead and trace element levels in placenta, maternal and cord blood: A cross‐sectional pilot study
To determine lead (Pb) and trace element (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mg) levels in placenta, maternal and cord blood; further, to assess the interactions between Pb and trace elements, if any.
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Pharmacokinetic evaluation of guar gum-based colon-targeted oral drug delivery systems of metronidazole in healthy volunteers
SummaryThe present study was carried out to find the in vivo performance of guar gum-based colon-targeted tablets of metronidazole as compared to an immediate release tablets in human volunteers. SixExpand
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Some Salient Points in Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence in Rural Bengal
Abstract Diabetes mellitus is a complex metabolic disorder characterized by failure to properly utilize glucose and other metabolites in the body causing spillover of these substances in the urine,Expand
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An unfinished agenda: My life in the pharmaceutical industry
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Detection of occupational lead nephropathy using early renal markers.
Automotive use of leaded gasoline continues to be an important source of occupational exposure to lead in India and other countries. The present study assessed the renal function and markers of earlyExpand
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Detection of rifampicin-induced nephrotoxicity by N-acetyl-3-D-glucosaminidase activity.
The objective of the present study was to assess renal damage, if any, by non-invasive technique, viz NAG activity in urine and GFR in patients on continuous and intermittent rifampicin therapy.Expand
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Detection of sub-clinical lead toxicity in monocasters
Lead poisoning has been documented since antiquity but occupational lead intoxication still continues to occur. Now there is a growing consensus that low levels of lead exposure often do not resultExpand
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