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Registration of GA 21 and GA 22 Bacterial Leaf Streak Resistant Triticale Germplasm Lines
Two triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) germplasm lines, GA 21 (PI 527339; Reg. no. GP-11) and GA 22 (PI 522340; Reg. no. GP-12), resistant to bacterial leaf streak (caused by Xanthomonas compestrisExpand
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Paspalum staggers: isolation and identification of tremorgenic metabolites from sclerotia of Claviceps paspali.
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Synonymy of Pseudomonas coronafaciens, Pseudomonas coronafaciens pathovar zeae, Pseudomonas coronafaciens subsp. atropurpurea and Pseudomonas striafaciens.
Eleven strains of Pseudomonas coronafaciens, four strains of P. coronafaciens pathovar zeae, six strains of P. coronafaciens subsp. atropurpurea, two strains of P. striafaciens, and one PseudomonasExpand
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The isolation and identification of several trichothecene mycotoxins from Fusarium heterosporum.
An isolate of Fusarium heterosporum Nees ex Fr. that parasitizes the honeydew and immature sclerotia of Claviceps paspali was shown to be highly toxigenic to day-old chickens. The major toxicity ofExpand
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Effect of irradiance upon the population of Pseudomonas coronafaciens in leaves and symptom expression of halo blight of rye.
The toxin-induced chlorosis caused by Pseudomonas coronafaciens is influenced by irradiance. Three levels of irradiance caused differences in symptom expression but did not affect the rate ofExpand
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