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A PID Control Strategy for DC-link Boost Voltage in Z-source Inverter
This paper presents a PID controller for dc-link boost voltage in Z-source inverter, which simplify the controller design and improve the transient response. Expand
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A High-Performance Z-Source Inverter Operating with Small Inductor at Wide-Range Load
This paper presents a high-performance Z-source inverter is proposed in this paper, which can overcome limitations of traditional Z-source inverter. The proposed Z-source inverter can operate at wideExpand
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Facile synthesis of specific FeMnO3 hollow sphere/graphene composites and their superior electrochemical energy storage performances for supercapacitor
Abstract In this study, FeMnO 3 hollow sphere/reduced graphene oxide (RGO) composites are fabricated using simple aging reaction followed by a thermal-treatment process. The as-prepared samples areExpand
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A Direct Peak DC-link Boost Voltage Control Strategy in Z-Source Inverter
A PID controller for direct peak dc-link boost voltage in Z-source inverter has been introduced. With this technique a high-performance inverter output voltage can be achieved with an excellentExpand
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A direct DC-link boost voltage PID-like fuzzy control strategy in Z-source inverter
This paper presents a direct peak dc-link boost voltage PID-like fuzzy controller in Z-source inverter. With this technique a constant peak dc-link voltage can be achieved with an excellent transientExpand
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Algae consumption and nitrate removal in a raw water transport system by Limnoperna fortunei and its associated microorganisms.
This laboratory-scale study investigated the effect of Limnoperna fortunei on chlorophyll a, phosphates, ammonia, and nitrates in a simulated raw water transport system, with a special focus on theExpand
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Nd-doped barium titanate ceramics with various Ti/Ba ratios prepared by sol-gel method
The Nd-doped BaTiO3 nanocrystalline powders and ceramics with different Ti/Ba ratios were prepared by sol-gel method. Phases and microstructures of the Nd-doped BaTiO3 based powders and ceramics wereExpand
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MicroRNA-34a inhibits tumor invasion and metastasis in gastric cancer by targeting Tgif2.
To study how miR-34a acts as a tumor suppressor in inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of the gastric cancer cells. First, real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and western blot analysis wereExpand
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Novel Fe3O4@ZnO@mSiO2 Nanocarrier for Targeted Drug Delivery and Controllable Release with Microwave Irradiation
In this paper, we constructed a novel core–shell structured nanocarrier used as a drug carrier to investigate the storage and controllable release properties of the cancer chemotherapeutic drugExpand
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The spleen recruits endothelial progenitor cell via SDF-1/CXCR4 axis in mice
Endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) therapy represents a novel strategy for a variety of diseases. Interestingly, spleen acts an important reservoir during EPC trafficking. Therefore, we investigatedExpand
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