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Personality research on the Internet: A comparison of Web-based and traditional instruments in take-home and in-class settings
Investigating the differences between Web-based data and data collected with more traditional methods found that different modes of administration may affect subject attrition and may, therefore, confound investigations of other independent variables. Expand
Idioms in sentences: Effects of frequency, literalness, and familiarity
This study investigated the relationship between subjective frequency of literal usage (literalness), subjective frequency of figurative usage (familiarity), and mean Kucera and Francis (1967) wordExpand
The comprehension of idioms: The effects of familiarity, literalness, and usage
The relationships among the familiarity of an idiom's figurative meaning, the likelihood of its literal meaning (literalness), and its usage were explored. Previous research has been inconsistent inExpand
pClone: Synthetic Biology Tool Makes Promoter Research Accessible to Beginning Biology Students
The synthetic biology lab module pClone is ideal for beginning students to conduct authentic research—inexpensive and easy to prep. Students clone and characterize promoters and share their resultsExpand
Phonological, Semantic, and Repetition Priming with Homophones
  • B. Cronk
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of psycholinguistic research
  • 1 July 2001
The current study investigated semantic, repetition, and phonological priming using heterographic homonyms (homophones) as stimuli in a lexical decision task. As in previous research, reliableExpand
Ratings of the familiarity of idioms’ figurative meanings and the likelihood of literal meanings among U.S. college students
Samples of college students from three states (Ohio, New Hampshire, Illinois) rated 390 idioms on familiarity of their figurative meanings. The Illinois samples also rated the likelihood ofExpand
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A pressing issue for many undergraduate instructors in the social sciences is the dissemination of their students' work. Although students at many institutions in many disciplines perform originalExpand
There are students of all ages that study with music in the background. So, the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of sound on reading comprehension and short-term memory. 42 highExpand