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Crystal structure of cholesterol monohydrate
The crystal structure of cholesterol monohydrate has been determined by a molecular replacement method which was developed primarily for protein crystallography6.
Pseudosymmetry in cholesterol monohydrate
Cholesterol monohydrate ( C 2 7 H 4 7 0 . H 2 0 ) is triclinic, space group P1, with a = 12.39 (3), b = 12.41 (3), c = 34.36 (6)A, a = 91.9 (1) , f l= 98-1 (1),3'= 100-8 (1) ° and has eight molecules
The crystal structure and molecular thermal motion of urea at 12, 60 and 123 K from neutron diffraction
Lattice parameters for urea have been measured at seven temperatures in the range 12 to 173 K and the crystal structure has been determined at 12, 60 and 123 K from neutron diffraction data. With 342
Cholesteryl myristate: structures of the crystalline solid and mesophases
Crystals of the title compound are monoclinic, space group A2, with lattice parameters a= 10.260(8), b= 7.596(8), c= 101.43(9)A, β= 94.41(5), and Z= 8 [2 independent molecules (A) and (B)]. The
Charge density study of 2-pyridone.
The crystal structure of 2-pyridone has been redetermined from high-resolution X-ray data collected at 123 K and critical points in the electron density have been located for the bonds within the molecule and for the molecular interactions cited above.
The crystal structure of perdeuterated violuric acid monohydrate: The X-ray diffraction analysis
Perdeuterated violurie acid monohydrate (C4D3N~O4.D20) is orthorhombic, space group Cmc21 with cell parameters a=6.217, b=14.373, c=7.516 /~ and with four molecules in the unit cell. The space group
Hexamethylenetetramine at 298 K: new refinements.
The refinement involving HMT provides a worst-case example of a general deficiency in the application of the multipole model to noncentrosymmetric structures.