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Development of a class of selective cholecystokinin type B receptor antagonists having potent anxiolytic activity.
Evidence is provided of a selective role for CCK-B receptors in the control of anxiety in mice previously made tolerant to diazepam and members of a class of anxiolytic agents that have a greatly improved profile compared with benzodiazepines or serotonin-related anxIOlytics.
Thyroid hormones, brain function and cognition: a brief review
Effects of the 5‐HT3 receptor antagonist, GR38032F, on raised dopaminergic activity in the mesolimbic system of the rat and marmoset brain
It is concluded that the 5‐HT3 receptor antagonist GR38032F, and the neuroleptic agents fluphenazine, sulpiride and haloperidol, can reduce raised mesolimbic dopaminergic activity in the rat and marmoset.
Post-weaning housing conditions influence the behavioural effects of cocaine and d-amphetamine
It is suggested that isolation rearing induces an enhancement in sensitivity to both the locomotor stimulant and reinforcing properties of amphetamine and cocaine.
The actions of nicotine and cocaine in a mouse model of anxiety
Zacopride: anxiolytic profile in rodent and primate models of anxiety
It is concluded that the 5‐HT3 receptor antagonist, zacopride, alters rodent and primate behaviour in a manner consistent with that of an anxiolytic agent.