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Improvements in the design and performance of the ARPA network
In late 1968 the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense (ARPA) embarked on the implementation of a new type of computer network which would interconnect, via common-carrier
An operational system for computer resource sharing
An operational system for providing “resource sharing” is described; some “fundamental principles” are abstracted from the experience gained in constructing the system; and some generalizations are suggested.
The network control center for the arpa network
The present paper briefly describes the NCC hardware; discusses such software issues as NCCrelated routines in the IMPs, datacollection and interpretation mechanisms, line status determination, IMP status and program reloading, and Host and line throughput; details NCC operations (manning, problemhandling procedures, track record); and summarizes overall NCC experiences and future plans.
Terminal Access to the ARPA Network: Experience and Improvements,
Abstract : Experience with terminal access to the ARPA Network via the Terminal IMP is described, some problems and responses noted, and possible future directions suggested. (Author)
Telnet issues
X.25 link access procedure
The goal was to provide the network's users with a version of the link access procedures specification which was easier to read and understand than the X.25 specification documents available at the time.
IMPSYS change notification
  • B. Cosell
  • Business, Computer Science
  • 3 November 1971
IMP System change notifications
  • B. Cosell
  • Computer Science, Business
  • 20 August 1971
Host/IMP interface documentation