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DNA barcoding of lichenized fungi demonstrates high identification success in a floristic context.
• Efforts are currently underway to establish a standard DNA barcode region for fungi; we tested the utility of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA for DNA barcoding inExpand
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Phylogenetic insights resolve Dacampiaceae (Pleosporales) as polyphyletic: Didymocyrtis (Pleosporales, Phaeosphaeriaceae) with Phoma-like anamorphs resurrected and segregated from Polycoccum
A phylogenetic analysis of nuLSU and ITS sequences representing genera previously included in Dacampiaceae indicates that the family is strongly polyphyletic and that the type species of Dacampia isExpand
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New species and combinations in The Lichens of the British Isles
Abstract: The preparation of the new edition of The Lichen Flora of the British Isles necessitates the publication of several taxonomic and nomenclatural novelties. The following new species areExpand
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Response of British lichens to climate change scenarios: Trends and uncertainties in the projected impact for contrasting biogeographic groups
Projection of species-response to climate change scenarios is a key tool in conservation strategy. Previous studies have projected climate change impacts for animal and vascular plant species usingExpand
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19th century woodland structure controls stand-scale epiphyte diversity in present-day Scotland
Axioms developed from island biogeography theory (i.e. species-area relationships, effects of fragmentation and isolation) are central to the development of conservation strategy. Within thisExpand
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Predicted response of the lichen epiphyte lecanora populicola to climate change scenarios in a clean-air region of northern Britain
Studies in the response of vegetation to predicted future climate change have focussed on vascular plants and are therefore largely unrepresentative of wider botanical diversity (i.e. comprisingExpand
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New Species of the Lichen Family Thelotremataceae in SE Asia
Abstract The lichen family Thelotremataceae was studied in Thailand and Malaysia (including one specimen from Indonesia). Of the 30 new species recognized, 26 are recorded from Thailand: MyriotremaExpand
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