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The Effectiveness of Dog-Training Programs in Prison
A systematic review and two meta-analyses found significant mean effect sizes for both sets of outcomes, suggesting that dog-training programs have a desirable effect on offenders.
Perceived effects of dog-training programmes in correctional settings
Purpose – Offender-led dog-training programmes (DTPs) are increasingly used throughout US correctional facilities. The rather sparse literature on these programmes is outlined in this manuscript,
The Effects of Dog-Training Programs: Experiences of Incarcerated Females
Dog-training programs (DTPs) in prisons have grown increasingly popular throughout the United States, but very little is known about their effects on both prisons and their participants. Furthermore,
Exploring Types of Programs: Dog Rescue, Rehabilitation and Training
  • B. Cooke
  • Psychology
    Prison Dog Programs
  • 4 September 2019
Over 330 correctional institutions in the United States and globally have implemented a prison animal program, with the most popular being dog-training programs. This chapter will examine the
A Beastly Bargain: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Prison-Based Dog-Training Programs in Florida
Dog-training programs have become a popular form of alternative prison programming. One of the reported benefits of these programs is their low cost to the criminal justice system. Very little
Microplots : The case ofSwan Lake.
It is proposed that art reflects and exploits patterns of differential interest shaped by natural selection, helping to account for the ritualistic status of the artistic canon.
Altruistic Prison Programmes in America: A Platform for Transformation
Correctional programmes with elements of altruism or ‘giving back’ have grown increasingly popular over the last 20 years across the United States and other Western countries. This type of
Peter Shillingsburg, Textuality and Knowledge: Essays
In “Some Functions of Textual Criticism”, Peter Shillingsburg comments the homogenising effect of the poetry anthology. By effacing the social and material contexts in which its poems were first
Book Review: youth and media
When societies worry about media effects, why do they focus so much on young people? Is advertising to blame for binge drinking? Do films and video games inspire school shootings? Aiming to tackle