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Analysis of human transcriptomes
nature genetics • volume 23 • december 1999 387 The term ‘synteny’ (or syntenic) refers to gene loci on the same chromosome regardless of whether or not they are genetically linked by classic linkageExpand
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Tumors Associated With Oncogenic Osteomalacia Express Genes Important in Bone and Mineral Metabolism
Oncogenic osteomalacia (OOM) is associated with primitive mesenchymal tumors that secrete phosphaturic factors resulting in low serum concentrations of phosphate and calcitriol, phosphaturia, andExpand
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Vascular gene expression in nonneoplastic and malignant brain.
Malignant gliomas are uniformly lethal tumors whose morbidity is mediated in large part by the angiogenic response of the brain to the invading tumor. This profound angiogenic response leads toExpand
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Alterations in Vascular Gene Expression in Invasive Breast Carcinoma
The molecular signature that defines tumor microvasculature will likely provide clues as to how vascular-dependent tumor proliferation is regulated. Using purified endothelial cells, we generated aExpand
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Endothelial precursor cells as a model of tumor endothelium: characterization and comparison with mature endothelial cells.
Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and human microvascular endothelial cells (HMVEC) have been the standards for cell-based assays in the field of angiogenesis research and inExpand
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Global transcript analysis of rice leaf and seed using SAGE technology.
We have compiled two comprehensive gene expression profiles from mature leaf and immature seed tissue of rice (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica cultivar Nipponbare) using Serial Analysis of Gene ExpressionExpand
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Molecular characteristics of non-small cell lung cancer
We used hierarchical clustering to examine gene expression profiles generated by serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) in a total of nine normal lung epithelial cells and non-small cell lungExpand
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Pericytes from human non-small cell lung carcinomas: an attractive target for anti-angiogenic therapy.
Anti-angiogenic strategies have largely focused on endothelial cells and progenitors. However, pericytes are also an important component of vasculature. Perivascular cells from normal tissues haveExpand
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Combining serial analysis of gene expression and array technologies to identify genes differentially expressed in breast cancer.
Several methods have been used recently to determine gene expression profiles of cell populations. Here we demonstrate the strength of combining two approaches, serial analysis of gene expressionExpand
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Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) in Plasmodium falciparum: application of the technique to A-T rich genomes.
The advent of high-throughput methods for the analysis of global gene expression, together with the Malaria Genome Project open up new opportunities for furthering our understanding of theExpand
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