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Evapotranspiration of mixed shrub communities in phreatophytic zones of the Great Basin region of Nevada (USA)
In this study, evapotranspiration (ET) was estimated for three valleys (White River, Spring Valley and Snake Valley) in the Great Basin region of Nevada (USA) during a 3-year period. ET estimatesExpand
Investigation of plant water use in the Great Basin, NV
Investigation of Plant Water Use in the Great Basin, NV by Benjamin Conrad Dr. Dale Devitt, Examination Committee Chair Professor of Soil and Water Science University of Nevada, Las Vegas GlobalExpand
Life History Characteristics of Diorhabda Carinulata Under Various Temperatures
Overall, severely high temperatures seem to have a debilitating effect on Diorhabda at early larval stages with nearly 50% mortality. Expand
Impact of episodic herbivory by the tamarisk leaf beetle on leaf litter nitrogen and stem starch content: A short communication
Investigating whether herbivory by D. carinulata altered leaf litter nitrogen and stem starch content, and if so, how such alteration varied across a gradient of herbvory chronosequence indicated that as of yet there have not been sufficient defoliation events to yield anticipated host plant impact. Expand