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Intercropping promotes the ability of durum wheat and chickpea to increase rhizosphere phosphorus availability in a low P soil
Abstract Cereal–legume intercropping can promote plant growth (i.e. facilitation) through an increase in the amount of phosphorus (P) taken up, especially in low P soils. The aim of this study was toExpand
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MASC, a qualitative multi-attribute decision model for ex ante assessment of the sustainability of cropping systems
We present the MASC model, which is at the center of a framework addressing these objectives, and describe its first implementation for the evaluation of four cropping systems generated from expert knowledge, and discuss its relevance to the objectives cited above. Expand
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Phosphorus management in low input stockless cropping systems : Crop and soil responses to contrasting P regimes in a 36-year experiment in southern France
Abstract Fertiliser recommendation systems should aim at a finer tuning of non-renewable P inputs for agronomic, environmental and economic reasons. Modern decision support systems should take intoExpand
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Fertilization and pH effects on processes and mechanisms controlling dissolved inorganic phosphorus in soils
Abstract We used of a set of mechanistic adsorption models (1-pK TPM, ion exchange and Nica-Donnan) within the framework of the component additive (CA) approach in an attempt to determine the effectExpand
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Ex ante assessment of the sustainability of alternative cropping systems: implications for using multi-criteria decision-aid methods. A review
Sustainability is a holistic and complex multi-dimensional concept encompassing economic, social and environmental issues, and its assessment is a key step in the implementation of sustainable agricultural systems. Expand
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Effect of Soil Phosphorus on Leaf Development and Senescence Dynamics of Field‐Grown Maize
Phosphorus deficiency generally decreases plant biomass accumulation by limiting interception of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) rather than reducing efficiency of conversion of PAR intoExpand
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Effect of various phosphorus availabilities on radiation‐use efficiency in sunflower biomass until anthesis
Abstract Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cv. SELECT was grown in 1994 on a 25 year long‐term phosphorus (P) field experiment. Phosphorus rates applied annually are: 0 (PO), 17.5 (P1), 35 (P2), andExpand
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Guidelines to design models assessing agricultural sustainability, based upon feedbacks from the DEXi decision support system
The French agronomist community has recently developed 11 hierarchical and qualitative models to assess sustainability using the DEXi decision aid software. Expand
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Stockless organic farming: strengths and weaknesses evidenced by a multicriteria sustainability assessment model
Agronomists need methodologies to assess the sustainability of cropping systems. Few models such as MASC have been recently developed for evaluation. The effective use of those models is still aExpand
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MASC 2.0, un outil d'évaluation multicritère pour estimer la contribution des systèmes de culture au développement durable
Les changements actuels du contexte agricole encouragent les differents acteurs a reflechir a de nouveaux modes de production plus durables. Pour y parvenir, des outils sont necessaires pour evaluerExpand
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