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Islam, national identity and public secondary education: perspectives from the Somali diaspora in Toronto, Canada
Public schools have historically been key sites where children learn of and adopt a common national identity. In states where multiculturalism plays a central role in the articulation of a nationalExpand
Ethnic Identity, Gender, and Adolescent Attitude toward School: Adaptive Perspectives in Diverse Settings.
The relationships between adolescent ethnic identity and attitudes toward school and school climate are investigated in a small, multiracial/multiethnic city in the Great Lakes region with ethnicallyExpand
Confronting the insider-outsider polemic in conducting research with diasporic communities: Towards a community-based approach
Researchers focusing on diasporic contexts face the difficult task of wearing their “academic hats” while at the same time building meaningful relationships with immigrant communities. This is noExpand
Educational gaps and their impact on Iraqi refugee students’ secondary schooling in the Greater Detroit, Michigan Area
In this piece we examine educational gaps among Iraqi refugee students while living in Iraq and while in transitional countries, challenges resulting from those educational gaps since they haveExpand
Introduction to the Special Issue: Probing the Nexus of Migration, Religion, and Education
Religion is on the move. In 2012, the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life published Faith on the Move: The Religious Affiliations of International Migrants, a report andExpand
Challenges and Opportunities in Incorporating Comparative Research into Contemporary Teacher Education
Abstract This essay addresses the issue of incorporating comparative and international education research into teacher education by addressing how the field of comparative education is defined, theExpand
Sites of Refuge: Refugees, Religiosity, and Public Schools in the United States
In this article the author examines public schools in the United States as sites where immigrants and refugees express their religious identities as part of their integration processes. InExpand
Separated by Removal: The Impact of Parental Deportation on Latina/o Children’s Postsecondary Educational Goals
ABSTRACT This research examines the impact of parental deportation on Latino/a adolescents’ postsecondary aspirations. Based on interviews with students, their families, and site observations, theExpand