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New compact double balanced monolithic down-converter application to a single chip MMIC receiver for satellite equipment
A new compact double balanced mixer architecture suitable for a satellite repeater, integrated in a single chip MMIC receiver, including 5 different functions, is proposed. Expand
Design to reliability shielded vertical interconnection applied to microwave Chip Scale Packaging
This paper presents the electrical design, measurement and reliability tests of a shielded vertical interconnection dedicated to microwave solder-mount packages. Electromagnetic simulations show veryExpand
10 W High Efficiency 14V HBT Power Amplifier for Space Applications
This paper presents the first development of a space-borne power amplifier using the recently developed high breakdown, high Power HBT HB20S process of UMS. The inverse F class Hybrid Power AmplifierExpand
A Ku-band active antenna program
Study of a C-band cross-coupled dual-behavior resonator filter with spurious responses suppression for a space application
This paper deals with the design of a C-band fourth-order cross-coupled dual-behavior resonator (DBR) filter integrating two 3rd-order low-pass filters and one capacitive-coupled dual behaviorExpand
High efficiency LOW AM/PM 6W C-band MMIC power amplifier for a space radar program
This paper describes the design of a compact C-band MMIC power amplifier. Intensive non-linear and electro-magnetic simulations with accurate table-based models allowed the chips to achieve very goodExpand
A non quasi-static non-linear P-HEMT model operating up to millimetric frequencies
This paper presents a non-linear p-HEMT model taking into account the non quasi-static currents and charges variations versus Vgs and Vds to predict accurate behaviour of the devices up toExpand
Miniature Tuningless Filters for Telecommunication Active Antennas Applications
This paper describes the study of filters which are part of highly integrated telecommunication active antennas for Low Earth Orbit multimedia satellites. This filters are located between the SolidExpand
A Review of Advanced Microwave Equipment on the Experimental Satellite Stentor
The explosion of the telecommunication market is also impacting the space segment and the satellite payloads. All over the world, the industry is making strong efforts to reduce cost and deliveringExpand
A new concept of RF feed-through applied to multichip modules for space equipment
This paper presents the electrical design and measurement of a new microwave transition for MMIC packages, fully integrated in the fabrication process of multichip modules. Electrical simulationsExpand