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Crystal structure of the IMP-1 metallo beta-lactamase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its complex with a mercaptocarboxylate inhibitor: binding determinants of a potent, broad-spectrum inhibitor.
Metallo beta-lactamase enzymes confer antibiotic resistance to bacteria by catalyzing the hydrolysis of beta-lactam antibiotics. This relatively new form of resistance is spreading unchallenged asExpand
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The Legion Grid Portal
The Legion Grid Portal is an interface to a Grid system. Expand
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Integration of lead optimization with crystallography for a membrane-bound ion channel target: discovery of a new class of AMPA receptor positive allosteric modulators.
A novel series of AMPAR positive modulators is described that were identified by high throughput screening. The molecules of the series have been optimized from a high quality starting point hit toExpand
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Beyond the "device as portal": meeting the requirements of wireless and mobile devices in the legion grid computing system
This paper describes the unique capabilities of the Legion Grid computing infrastructure that will directly support these next-generation, powerful devices as first-class entities.Grid computing is an emerging paradigm in which resources in multiple organizations are combined into a single, seamless computing environment. Expand
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Piety and Nationalism: Lay Voluntary Associations and the Creation of an Irish-Catholic Community in Toronto, 1850-1895
While the role of the laity in the nationalist awakening is commonly recognized, their part in the movement for religious renewal is usually minimized. Initiative on the part of the laity has beenExpand
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Sodium (5RS)-Z-6-(heterocyclylmethylene)penem-3-carboxylates (2) are a series of extremely potent inhibitors of bacterial β-lactamases. A variety of 5-membered heteroaromatic derivatives have beenExpand
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Structural imperfections and singlet exciton traps in crystalline anthracene
Abstract Changes in spectral frequencies and intensities recorded at low temperatures (4 to 40 K), as well as measurements of prompt-fluorescence lifetimes, of annealed and deformed high-purityExpand
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6-(substituted methylene)penems, potent broad spectrum inhibitors of bacterial beta-lactamase. III. Structure-activity relationships of the 5-membered heterocyclic derivatives.
Sodium (5RS)-Z-6-(heterocyclylmethylene)penem-3-carboxylates (2) are a series of extremely potent inhibitors of bacterial beta-lactamases. A variety of 5-membered heteroaromatic derivatives have beenExpand
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The relationship between crystallographic structure and luminescence in single crystals of acridine
Abstract Crystalline luminescence spectra of five modifications of acridine are reported. The spectrum of one form (acridine V) is characteristic of emission from monomeric species and closelyExpand
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Acridine: an investigation of its molecular and crystalline photophysical behaviour
The absorption spectrum of acridine in various solvents together with the fluorescence spectra and lifetimes in a rigid matrix confirms the presence of a weak, intrinsic π–π* emission in thisExpand
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