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Global diversity of water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia; Arachnida) in freshwater
The Hydrachnidia (water mites) represent the most important group of the Arachnida in fresh water. Over 6,000 species have been described worldwide, representing 57 families, 81 subfamilies and moreExpand
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Biodiversity and distribution of water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) in spring habitats
Summary 1. The distribution, species richness and ecology of spring-dwelling water mites in Italy were investigated with the aim to better elucidate the role of spring habitats to sustain highExpand
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Fine-scale differences in diel activity among nocturnal freshwater planarias (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida)
Background Although most freshwater planarias are well known photonegative organisms, their diel rhythms have never been quantified. Differences in daily activity rhythms may be particularlyExpand
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Indicator value of lotic water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) and their use in macroinvertebrate-based indices for water quality assessment purposes
The Water Framework Directive (WFD) of the European Union includes benthic macroinvertebrates for the ecological assessment of running waters. The invertebrate-based Star-ICMi index, adopted in 2010,Expand
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Structure, functional organization and biological traits of macroinvertebrate assemblages from leaf-bags and benthic samples in a third-order stream of Central Apennines (Italy)
Abstract Information on both structure and functions is essential to evaluate the ecological integrity of stream ecosystems and their response to natural and anthropogenic disturbance. Leaf-bags haveExpand
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Diversity, distribution and ecology of water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia and Halacaridae) in high Alpine lakes (Central Alps, Italy)
Information on water mite assemblages from high elevation lentic biotopes is scant. A survey of 14 small Alpine lakes located between1900 and 2400 m a.s.l. in Italy resulted in the discovery of 17Expand
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Scale and ecological dependence of ecosystem services evaluation: Spatial extension and economic value of freshwater ecosystems in Italy
Abstract Using land cover datasets derived from satellite imagery as a proxy for ecosystem services (ES) mapping and evaluation generates a series of technical problems mainly related to theExpand
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Influence of aperiodic summer droughts on leaf litter breakdown and macroinvertebrate assemblages: testing the drying memory in a Central Apennines River (Aterno River, Italy)
Climate changes, geomorphologic modifications and the rise in water demand for human uses contribute to “aperiodic summer drought” (ASD) events in Mediterranean-type rivers. ASD results in a reachExpand
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Leaf‐Nets (LN): A New Quantitative Method for Sampling Macroinvertebrates in Non‐Wadeable Streams and Rivers
The ecological knowledge of large rivers is still scarce or highly fragmented mainly because of complex, laborious and expensive procedures to collect informative samples from the benthic biota.Expand
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Erratum and addendum - Diel activity cycles of freshwater gastropods under natural light: Patterns and ecological implications
a closer examination of shell morphology using Gloer & Meier-Brook (2003), performed in our laboratory; the molecular procedure based on Internal Transcribed Spacer 1 (ITS-1) sequencing, performed atExpand
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