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KeyNote : Trust management for public-key infrastructures. Discussion
This paper discusses the rationale for designing a simple trust-management system for public-key infrastructures, called KeyNote. The motivating principles are expressibility, simplicity, andExpand
Why Isn't Trust Transitive?
The notion of trust is distinguished from a number of other (transitive) notions with which it is frequently confused, and it is argued that “proofs” of the unintensional transitivity of trust typically involve unpalatable logical assumptions as well as undesirable consequences. Expand
Automatic differentiation of algorithms
We introduce the basic notions of automatic differentiation, describe some extensions which are of interest in the context of nonlinear optimization and give some illustrative examples.
Automatic Hessians by reverse accumulation
“This is a pre-copy-editing, author produced PDF of an article accepted for publication in IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis following peer review. The definitive publisher-authenticated versionExpand
The misuse of the NASA metrics data program data sets for automated software defect prediction
A meticulously documented data cleansing process involving all 13 of the original NASA data sets found that each of the data sets had between 6 to 90 percent less of their original number of recorded values. Expand
Reverse accumulation and attractive fixed points
We apply reverse accumulation to obtain automatic gradients and error estimates of functions which include in their computation a convergent iteration of the form y= Φ(y,u), where y and u areExpand
Using the Support Vector Machine as a Classification Method for Software Defect Prediction with Static Code Metrics
The static code metrics for a collection of modules contained within eleven NASA data sets are used with a Support Vector Machine classifier, yielding an average accuracy of 70% on previously unseen data. Expand
Reflections on the NASA MDP data sets
The data quality issues present in the NASA metrics data program (MDP) data sets are highlighted, and the problems that can arise when they are used in a binary classification context. Expand
Reverse accumulation and accurate rounding error estimates for taylor series
A carefully written implementation of conventional reverse accumulation can be extended to the Taylor series valued case by (further) overloading of the appropriate operators by re-interpreting the corresponding conventional (scalar) formulae. Expand
Guarantor and reputation based trust model for Social Internet of Things
By simulating this model using an architecture based on real world scenarios, it was concluded that the trust model can be employed in different scenarios in SIoT and the use of penalties for malicious activity enables the model to detect and isolate malicious nodes. Expand