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Demonstration of a TODGA based Extraction Process for the Partitioning of Minor Actinides from a PUREX Raffinate
Abstract: Efficient recovery of minor actinides (MA) from genuine PUREX raffinate has been successfully demonstrated by the TODGA + TBP extractant mixture dissolved in an industrial aliphatic solventExpand
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Recovery of minor actinides from HLLW using the DIAMEX process
Summary In this work a hot demonstration of the DIAMEX process using the new reference molecule DMDOHEMA (N,N′-DiMethyl-N,N′-DiOctylHexylEthoxyMalonAmide) and genuine high-level PUREX raffinate asExpand
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Investigation of the radiolytic stability of a CyMe4-BTBP based SANEX solvent
Abstract The radiolytic degradation of the 6,6′-bis(5,5,8,8tetramethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-benzo[1,2,4]triazin-3-yl)-[2,2′]bipyridine (CyMe4BTBP) based SANEX (selective actinide extraction) solventExpand
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Demonstration of a SANEX Process in Centrifugal Contactors using the CyMe4‐BTBP Molecule on a Genuine Fuel Solution
Efficient recovery of minor actinides from a genuine spent fuel solution has been successfully demonstrated by the CyMe4‐BTBP/DMDOHEMA extractant mixture dissolved in octanol. The continuousExpand
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DIAMEX Counter‐Current Extraction Process for Recovery of Trivalent Actinides from Simulated High Active Concentrate
Abstract The partitioning of trivalent actinides was demonstrated with a new version of the French DIAMEX (DIAMide EXtraction) process. A continuous counter‐current experiment using a 16‐stageExpand
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Towards a DIAMEX process using high active concentrate. Production of genuine solutions
Summary The efficiency of Minor Actinides (MA) recovery in the DIAMEX process has already been demonstrated using High Active Raffinate (HAR). The next step aims at the demonstration of reprocessingExpand
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Towards an optimized flow-sheet for a SANEX demonstration process using centrifugal contactors
Abstract The design of an efficient process flow-sheet requires accurate extraction data for the experimental set-up used. Often this data is provided as equilibrium data. Due to the small hold-upExpand
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Futuristic back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle with the partitioning of minor actinides
For future back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle, the partitioning of minor actinides: Np, Am and Cm, followed by their transmutation will minimize importantly the radiotoxicity of nuclear glass waste.Expand
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First demonstration of a centrifugal solvent extraction process for minor actinides from a concentrated spent fuel solution
Abstract The efficiency of minor actinides (MA) recovery in the diamide extraction (DIAMEX) process has already been demonstrated using high active raffinate (HAR). In view of an industrialExpand
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