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Evaluation of outcomes of a formative objective structured clinical examination for second-year UK medical students
Objectives To explore how formative OSCEs influence student performance and perception when undertaking summative OSCEs. Methods We introduced formative OSCEs for second-year medical students at aExpand
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The community structure, density, and biomass of native fish species was determined for first‐ to second‐order streams draining mature pine, native forest, and pasture catchments in seven, North Is...
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Environmental factors that affect the Fukuda stepping test in normal participants.
BACKGROUND The Fukuda stepping test is commonly used to assess peripheral vestibular function. It has, however, been suggested that its maximal sensitivity and specificity are 70 per cent and 50 perExpand
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Ontogenetic habitat shifts by Galaxias gracilis (Galaxiidae) between the littoral and limnetic zones of Lake Kanono, New Zealand
SynopsisDiel and spatial differences in distribution were determined for the larvae, juveniles, and adults of Galaxias gracilis (Galaxiidae) in a New Zealand dune lake during summer months. LarvaeExpand
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Desensitisation to cigarette package graphic health warnings: a cohort comparison between London and Singapore
Objectives We compared 2 sociocultural cohorts with different duration of exposure to graphic health warning labels (GHWL), to investigate a possible desensitisation to their use. We further studiedExpand
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Interdisciplinary workshop on concepts of health and disease: report.
Research Fellow, King’s College Centre for Humanities and Health/Department of Philosophy, King’s College London, London, UK, and Socrates Professor in Philosophy and Ethics of Biotechnology,Expand
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Insoluble protein purification with sarkosyl: facts and precautions.
When eukaryotic proteins are overexpressed in Escherichia coli hosts, they often form inclusion bodies. Natively folded proteins can be extracted from inclusion bodies using mild detergents such asExpand
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Azithromycin in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised, controlled, open-label, platform trial
Background Azithromycin has been proposed as a treatment for COVID-19 on the basis of its immunomodulatory actions. We aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of azithromycin in patientsExpand
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A cross-sectional survey investigating the desensitisation of graphic health warning labels and their impact on smokers, non-smokers and patients with COPD in a London cohort
Objectives There is a lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of graphic health warning labels (GHWL) in different individuals, including patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseExpand
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